A Wireless Sensor Network Testbed


Is a three-dimensional wireless sensor network deployed across three floors of the School of Computing, at the National University of Singapore.
For more details about the design of indriya2, please proceed to Connectivity.

The Testbed facilitates research in sensor network programming environments, communication protocols, system design, and applications. It provides a public, permanent framework for development and testing of sensor network protocols and applications.

Users can upload executables, associate those executables with motes to create a job, and schedule the job to run on the Testbed. During the job execution, users can monitor all messages and other data in real time through the web-based interface. Also, these data are logged to a database which is presented to the user upon job completion and then can be used for processing and visualization.

The design details of Indriya2 can be found in the paper here published in Tridentcom [1]. Please use it for all the references of this testbed.
[1] P. Appavoo, Ebram K. William, M.C. Chan, and Mobashir Mohammad, "Indriya2: A Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) Testbed," In TRIDENTCOM, 2018.
In 2004, the interface was originally conceived by Geoffrey Werner-Allen and Matt Welsh for Harvard's Motelab Testbed.

NUS iot

Associate Professor

Prof. Chan Mun Choon


PhD Student

Paramasiven Appavoo

Designer & Administrator

PhD Student

Ebram Kamal William

Designer & Administrator

Communications and Internet Research Lab
School of Computing, National University of Singapore



Indriya2 has
  • 41 TelosBs
  • 17 CC2650 sensortags